About Me

I am seeking inspiration in a tiny box of paint...


and I love when I’m engaged in projects that excite and challenge me.  I am also an award winning figurative painter and I’ve participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions in a few prestigious and not so prestigious galleries throughout Toronto, the Caribbean, New York and Bermuda. I am a grateful recipient of an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from York University and I am also still grateful that I travelled through east Africa when I was a young and impressionable painter. 

That trip nourished my understanding of life and inspired me to represent what I’d observed and learned. Africa completely transformed me as an artist and gave me the chance to strip away the often oppressive institutional ideologies that discouraged my creativity.  My experience at York was a challenge.  I had to defend my choice to create Afrocentric anti-Apartheid paintings and wondered if I was really meant to be an artist

Fortunately I returned inspired by dancers and spiritual entities; everyday people sharing familiar moments. My paintings kept Africa in my heart and my ancestors mused my creative spirit.  I became a figurative painter and I created a substantial body of work for the next 15 years following my trip.  I was truly inspired by the many memories I had, they gave my art depth.

The Earlier Days

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I’ve always taught some form of art be it as a studio instructor at the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Living Arts Centre or working with the Ontario Arts Council as an Artist in Education.  I started my own multimedia art program called Art Heroes that I ran for 4 years.    Art Heroes was offered in schools in the Toronto District School Board as well as the Toronto Catholic District School Board. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed teaching art and actively participating as a  mentor for young artists.

Presently I am continuing my artistic pursuits and I look forward to participating in a group show in 2021. The recent BLM movement has inspired new drawings.  I haven’t drawn since I was in University and the process was surprising enjoyable. 

Currently I am  the Program Director at Art Starts  a not for profit arts organization that provides creative programming for marginalized communities in Toronto.  It’s feels great to give back to my community and I am honoured to work with such amazing artists and staff.

I feel blessed that creative energy flows within and I look forward to new challenges.