Visual Art

My Inspiration...


These images reflect my interest in the psychological energy behind the human face.  I really wanted to illustrate the beauty of eyes closed and the inner spirit of my characters. Most of these images reflect my alter ego while others or interpretations of people I know.   This series is not quite done and I will continue to explore these characters in future paintings.

Non Figurative Paintings

After the loss of my mother my desire to paint dwindled, I was handcuffed as an artist and to be honest I have never been the same since. It was then that I decided to do something a bit different and entered the world of non representational art.  I enjoyed the process of making these images.  I imagined the subtle bodies inside folds of fabric that embrace feminine  curves.  These images pay tribute to the silence and beauty that exists in the non material world.

Her Stories

This is a selection of the body of my work as a painter.  I started these paintings when I came back from my trip to South Eastern Africa.  I was truly inspired upon my return and portraying the human  form became my focus and obsession as a painter.  While I was there I learned that it wasn’t just ‘what’ you do but ‘how’ you do it. Whether it’s carrying fire wood are smashing cassava, Africans possess a grace and strength that inspired dozens of paintings. They showed me that there is meaning in everyday life and everyday people and these paintings pay homage to those spirited individuals.